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Nonprofit Leadership Framework

Led By Passion. Driven By Values.

Our Mission:

At Winspire Generational Wealth Solutions Inc. we are committed to listening, inspiring, and focusing on what truly matters to you and your business. We are led by passion and driven by values.

Our unique approach deeply focuses on your personal and business goals by tackling everyday financial difficulties you might face in your daily business operations.

You can trust Winspire Generational Wealth Solutions to protect you and your business financial future.

Parallel Lines

Our Values:

We are an inclusive organization built on the three pillars of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We embrace working and collaborating within our diverse team to motivate each other and create an inclusive, growth-oriented environment. Most importantly, we are deeply passionate about leveraging our strengths to give back to our community through philanthropic activities.

The Pandemic has impacted every aspect of Not-For-Profit and For-Profit Organizations

Despite having the best intentions, Non-Profit Organizations are struggling in the following areas:

  • Fundraising (Funding)

  • Retention of Donors & Members (Sustainability)

  • Engagement (Productivity)

  • Operations (Day-to-day activities)

  • Recruitment finding the right volunteers/employees (Growth)

  • Onboarding anchor clients (Brand Expansion)

  • Leadership challenges

Why Trust Winspire

Winspire has 30+ years of experience in leadership, the financial industry, and the non-profit sector. As a leader who is A minority woman in a male-dominated industry, Andrea can promise you that...

  • We bring a high level of energy and passion everywhere we work

  • We create a methodical approach to solving complex problems

  • We will always be human first and business second in our leadership strategies

  • We develop winning teams by coaching them to exceed their financial goals and accountabilities

  • We develop and earn trust very quickly

  • We are a resulted oriented Organization

  • We strive to achieve greatness in business; teamwork through collaboration and working towards getting an A+ for developing great cross-functional relationships

  • We lead at a higher level bringing over 30 years of seasoned leadership experience from one of Canada's Big five Banks within the Retail, Wealth, and Business Banking sectors

Multi Storey Building

Let's meet for a complementary 30-minutes review to evaluate your organization's daily operations and your board of directors operational function

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