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Founder & President Winspire Generational Wealth Solutions Inc.

Charismatic Andrea Hazell is well known for her humanity, savvy business instinct, and philanthropic work within her community and her profession.

During her 30 years of extensive experience in the financial industry. Andrea has held countless leadership roles within the retail, commercial, and wealth banking groups. Determined to bring more personal and empathetic insight to her client, she has formed Winspire Generational Wealth Solutions, where she can put you at the center of everything she does.

A gifted relationship builder, Andrea will create holistic

goals-based strategies to increase and secure

your net worth. “How can I help?” is Andrea’s mantra. She will hear you out, work hard to help you achieve your goals, and bring you peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that you and your family are in good hands. Under Andrea Hazell’s steady guidance, you can trust that you are protecting your financial future and the wealth of generations to come.


As Chair and Leader of the Caribbean Philanthropic Council for Scarborough Health Network Foundation for the past 5 years, Andrea Hazell has led an organization of dedicated individuals focused on promoting health, wellness, and philanthropy within the Canadian Caribbean community by hosting events that raise funds to purchase state-of-the-art equipment for Scarborough hospitals.

Andrea has been an active member of the Scarborough Business Association since its inception. In 2017 she accepted a nomination to the SBA Board of Directors and was elected Vice President in 2018. By November 2019, the SBA membership elected Andrea as President and chair. In her own inimitable fashion, Andrea is developing new ways to serve and increase membership, bringing fledgling projects to fruition, and steering many exciting new initiatives. Committed to helping the business community prosper by creating forums for networking, education, and opportunity, Andrea is a tireless champion for Scarborough business.

When the COVID-19 health crisis struck, Andrea moved quickly to form a task force of Scarborough business leaders to help the community meet the challenges, the global pandemic wrought. Her team immediately started up the weekly SBA Cyber Breakfast Conferences. These free webinars feature private sector experts, educators, health professionals, and elected officials from every level of government who present and discuss pertinent issues for the business community. They attract people from Waterloo to Ottawa and draw new audiences each week. Each event is recorded and made available on the newly re-designed and curated SBA website.

Focused on supporting people on the frontlines at community hospitals, Andrea and other philanthropic leaders created the Scarborough Hospital Appreciation events that served 300 meals to Scarborough Health Network employees and volunteers.

Stay tuned, Andrea has even more planned for the future

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