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 Dress for Sustainable Economic Equality 

Our Mission

At Dress for Sustainable Economic Equality, we provide a supportive framework to strengthen our participant's: 
-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Awareness 
-Understanding Emotional Intelligence
-Learning How to Develop a Strategic Mindset (Problem Solving Skills)
-Negotiating Skills
-Public Speaking
-Guide to Personal Branding With LinkedIn
-Technological Literacy 
-Dress For Hire: First Suit-up and Interview Prep

We work to enhance our participant's professional image by dressing them to achieve economic equality and building confidence. The Dress For Sustainable Economic Equality is a special and unique framework that fosters a rewarding environment in which to work. We are intensely focused on our commitment to helping disadvantaged women- female newcomers, women with disabilities, abused women, incarcerated women, women reentering the workforce and post-secondary female students- in their respective communities achieve economic independence.

Our Guiding Values

Our values guide us in the way we do things. At Dress for Sustainable Economic Equality, we believe in:

Building confidence and realizing the potential of every individual in the program to achieve self-sufficiency

Helping to build greater awareness of the barriers that underrepresented women face as they seek work and opportunities to become financially independent for themselves and their families

Working as a team to support each other and value each other's contributions

Respecting and valuing differences and maintaining the confidentiality of participants

Empowering participants to transfer their lives and re-envision their future

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